Monday, August 18, 2008

Sam Worthington Speaks on Terminator 4

In a recent interview at Comic Con, Sam Worthington discussed his latest role in the upcoming Terminator Salvation. Worthington believes that the new film will be the salvation of the franchise which missed the mark in its last theatre outting.

Sam Worthington plays Marcus Wright and says, "I look at this movie as what makes Kyle Reese Kyle Reese and what makes John Connor John Connor and my character’s almost like a bridge between them. I look at my character as a bridge to how they connect and how they grow. He’s a drifter."

Perhaps the biggest disappointment for fans of the upcoming Terminator 4 is the choice of director. The fact that McG is writing and directing the film is not going over well. It does help that the film stars Christian Bale as John Connor and the lead writer is Jonathan Nolan who also wrote Dark Knight. Although many fans consider McG to be a hack, I think the collection of talent on this film will shine through in the end.

Sam Worthington has no doubts about McG's abilities and says, "First thing McG ever said to me was 'I don’t want to make a McG movie. I want to make a Terminator movie' and that’s where we are."

You can read an extensive interview with McG here.

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